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A blog dedicated to the talented Bo Burnham. All gifs used are mine.

Now taking requests!



Hello everyone! I would first like to start off by thanking every single one of my followers on this blog. I really appreciate you guys taking an interest in my gifs/edits. Unfortunately, I will be shutting this blog down. If you’d like to though, you can follow me on my personal blog here. It’s not 100% Bo Burnham, but I’ll definitely be posting my own Bo gifs. Feel free to follow me if you still want to see my Bo related creations, or if you want to cry over Zach Stone with me. Either works tbh. Again, thank you to all my followers!


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Anonymous asked "you should do more gifs of parts of the words words words show :)"

I was actually planning on it once school stops consuming up all of my time. I got the Words Words Words DVD not too long ago, but I haven’t had time to open it. Once I do though, I’ll probably be making a lot more gifs from there!

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Requested by Jillburnham

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Requests? I haven’t been very active on this account lately, but I’m willing to gif something if someone asked.

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leaningnow-intofebreeze asked "can you post your icon? :D it's so adorable!"

I don’t have the slightly edited version of my icon anymore, but I have the original. Here ya go!

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So, when did you learn to play piano? 

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I’m going to start making gifs again!

I’m also currently taking requests

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